Abhigya Pokharel

[ Sr. Project Manager, Ncell (Axiata) ]

Abhigya is a Sr. Project Manager at Ncell, Nepal (Axiata Group), with 4 year of experience as a Project Manager/ Scrum Master- a team player who works in close collaboration with customers, stakeholders and delivery teams to drive the project objectives and meet the business needs. Currently, she leads the Digital Transformation Project in her organization, where the objective is to convert "Customers into Fans" and "Employees to Cheerleaders".

Abhigya has been in the telecommunication industry for almost 10 years now. She has lead the Service Operations team for 5 years, where her area of expertise were the Contact Centre Solution, and Value Added Services (VAS).

Abhigya has been running workshops on Scrum and Agile practices where she shares her experiences within her organization, and in Nepal. She is an active member of Agile Nepal, and an organizing team member for the Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal, 2018.

Session Title

Agile Culture for High Performance

Session Overview

The presentation shall mainly cover topics related to the agile mindset and how to achieve the mindset shift, where it will say why culture is important, and the iceberg of culture. It talks about different models of culture, focusing on Agile and Kanban cultures, and how it is possible to shift from one culture to the other. It also talks about the type of organizations, and how a certain type of organization should respond to its employees, keeping in mind the culture type. The presentation will also take you through the differences between doing agile and being agile; how to turn the red list words to green list for effective communication and leadership and the 4A's of agile leadership. Finally, it gives an insight to transformational leadership and the challenges to high performance and how we could embrace a successful agile transformation.

Session Takeaways

  • Agile gives a better visibility on your portfolio. Failures could still be there, but with Agile practices you get a better vision of the best practices
  • Exemplary leadership is equally important, together with strong company values, and process and tools for a Holistic Agile Transformation
  • There will be challenges with Cultural Change, User Engagement, Performance and ROI while implementing Agile. However, embracing these challenges with the 'best fit' shall lead to successful Agile Transformation
  • You could use different flavors of Agile (Scrum/ Kanban or Scrumban) in your organization, as an effective framework
  • There is a lesson learnt with every failure in a project. However, clear communication and better planning of scope is always important.