Avinash Rao

[ Consulting Leader, DevOn ]

Currently heading Consulting at DevOn Software Services. We are a passionate, committed group of consultants in the area of Digital Transformation, DevOps and TDD, with a focus on helping our clients achieve Agility and better Digital business outcomes.

18+ years in Engagement, Account and Program leadership, in selling, structuring and delivering large programs in multi-region, multi vendor situations. Thought leader in Digital Transformation and Scaling Agile, and in the definition of Program Management and PMO offerings.

Frequent speaker - typically 4 conferences a year, on Agile, Digital, Lean Kanban and Enterprise Transformation.

Session Title

Understanding the ask for Agility from a Digital Lens

Session Overview

Leading Agility in an organization today needs a deep understanding of the factors that are driving this need for Agility. This has many labels - the preferred one these days is Digital Transformation. Rather than define exactly what Digital Transformation is (some say Data, others User centricity, yet others swear by Cloud and Mobile), we will focus on how all these Digital changes are impacting businesses, and how in turn they are demanding Agility (both from Business and IT - and we will also see that these lines are blurring!).

We will take the example of 4 companies - two of them in the Fortune 500, and two smaller - and follow them on their journey to Agility, and use the Cynefin framework to understand the ask for Agility, and the right approach to achieve the effectiveness and efficiency needs of each situaiton. These will also illustrate the hardships and tradeoffs needed for this journey, and by the end of the session, the audience will have a clear understanding of how we can align the need with the right approach to Agility.

Session Takeaways

  • Understand the movements and stresses in the industry due to Digital transformation
  • Understand how these pressures are directly related to the ask for Agility
  • Agility as a means to a Digital end - understand how they are directly correlated
  • Assess how the Digital driver impact the shade of Agility demanded
  • Make sense of why companies have so many shades of Digital Transformation, and hence Agility asks.