Harsha Vardhan

[ Director Software Engineering, Optum Global Solutions ]

In his current role, he is responsible for software engineering delivery for Optum Health business. He is Agile evangelist, helped building product development organization and successfully implemented scaled agile in distributed team. Harsha has 19+ yrs. of IT experience in Application/Product development. In the past, he worked with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd and Ford Technologies with diversified culture team in North America, Latin America, Ireland and The Philippines.

Session Title

Intelligent DevOps enabling Enterprise Agility through power of Automation and Cognitive Intelligence

Session Overview

Digital transformation has mandated convergence of Business and IT to bring organization agility in true sense. Business has been focusing to optimize business processes. IT adopted DevOps to accelerate Collaboration and Automation to drive Speed to Market (Development priorities) and Availability/ Stability/ Performance etc. (IT Operations priorities).

Automation has broader perspective, which includes DevOps ( just-in-time software release) and Robotic Process Automation aka RPA ( just-in-time business process automation) to create best-in-class business outcomes for their enterprises.

Time has come to take next steps towards Continuous journey (Continuous Integration, Continues Testing, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Operations etc.) of DevOps to become Intelligent i.e. Intelligent Integration, Intelligent Testing, Intelligent Deployment and Intelligent Operations.

Session Takeaways

  • Broader perspective on Automation IT (DevOps) + Business (RPA)
  • Next step in DevOps maturity towards Continuous to Intelligent
  • Customer Experience CX-driven DevOps
  • DevOps Systems that Think
  • DevOps Systems that Learn.