Hiren Doshi

[ Director, Practice Agile ]

Hiren R. Doshi, Scrum.org professional Scrum, SPC and Kanban trainer and Consultant, is a Scrum enthusiast and an agent for organizational change. Hiren has a distinguished 23-years career in leading the full life cycle software development, and has been practicing Agile for over 12 years.

Author of "Scrum Insights for Practitioners, The Scrum Guide Companion" that helps the practitioners master the Scrum framework by gaining in-depth practical insights and addresses myths, mysteries, and misconceptions of Scrum. Hiren has trained over three thousand students and more than thirty organizations in the use of Scrum. He is certified to offers PSF, PSM, PSPO, PSD and SPS premium certification courses from Scrum.org.


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