Jeff Lopez-Stuit

[ Founder, Improvement School ]

Jeff Lopez-Stuit is a Certified Enterprise Coach who has trained and coached individuals and organizations all over the world to improve their ability to improve. He guides organizations to exploit the fundamentals of Agile to leave behind the inadequate structures of the past and establish an environment that enables continuous delivery of the highest value for all.

His focus is on organizations that are building global products with global teams. His training and coaching work has brought him to clients throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Sharing his wide experience of how companies can get the most value out of Agile is a core element of his approach. He has also served as a mentor and guide to aspiring Scrum Masters and Coaches throughout the world and is passionate about creating a new generation of great agilists.

Jeff has been invited to present at global agile events throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, as well as speaking frequently at regional Agile conferences wherever he is working.


Leading through Being and Making - How India can improve Global Agility?

Session Overview

The Agile Manifesto begins with a declaration that there are better ways of developing things that were found by "doing it and help others do it". Later on, many experts decided that the better ways required "being agile": having the right mindset, a compatible culture, and scaling appropriately were the pathways to creating value.

Is this the best way to lead people to learn better ways of creating value? The answer to that question goes deeper than learning a slew of frameworks and methods offered through training courses.

India is the great fertile ground for agility on Earth. By drawing on the strengths of its own civilization, owning its own future, and mastering the fundamentals, India can help the world improve through agility on a global basis. This talk will bring us back to the Agile Manifesto and reveal how learning through making opens access to deeper levels of being, which in turn push and move our capacity to create vast amounts of value for all.

Throughout this talk will be a challenge to attendees to identify something to make in their world, and to use that to transform how they learn and teach and influence others to do the same.