Raju K

[ Principal Agile Coach, Xebia ]

Raju have around 11 years experience in Agile and primarily in large scale agile transformations using Scaled Agile, Spotify and Scrum@Scale at Fortune 500 clients such as Ford Motor Company, Verizon, ADP and Societe Generale. He has presented a paper "Agile for Peace" at Regional Scrum Gathering South East Asia, Bangalore 2015. 11 of his articles have appeared on Scrum Alliance website. He is a facilitator for Agile Chennai Scrum Alliance Group and facilitated more than 12 meetups over the last 3 years. In this presentation He is sharing a case study from one of my project.

Session Title

Meet the incredibles Executive Leadership engagement for Agile Transformations

Session Overview

For a Fortune 500 client, an agile transformation using Spotify model met with conflicts and power struggle between executive leaders almost stalling the transformation. This case study presents how an Executive Action Team was created to get the Executive Leaders to a common understanding, bury their egos and work towards effective transformation roll out. The final results are astonishing for everyone to see.

Session Takeaways

  • Learn how to effectively engage executive leadership in a global agile transformation
  • Explore how to bring a stalled agile transformation back on track by effectively engaging leaders
  • Experience blending Scrum@Scale with Spotify model
  • Know when to reach out to Executive leadership
  • Engaging leaders from Ego to Action Teams.