Dr. Prof. Simmy Kataria

[ Board Member HRD - India and Advisor Tabula Rasa Consulting and Elite International Technologies ]

Dr. Simmy Kataria has lived and worked in the Middle East, Far East, United States and India.

Dr. Simmy Kataria is a executive coach, counselor, trainer and an educator with over two decades in the business world where she has provided global and local strategy to roll-out marketing strategies, managed, led, mentored, coached, trained and developed capable executives in the Middle East, Far East, United States and India.

Dr. Simmy Kataria has had key senior positions for over a pan of Fortune 500 clients Dr. Simmy Kataria is a Certified Executive Coach from Franklin Covey International and Results Coaching Systems, India.

With over 20 years of academic and corporate pursuits, Dr. Simmy Kataria puts her entire passion and experience to teach and train. Dr. Simmy Kataria has delivered programs on soft skills, business strategy, communications, professional effectiveness, innovation, behavioral and leadership programs both at institutions and corporate both in the US, Middle East, Far East and India. Dr. Simmy Kataria has developed her own customized programs, workshops, peer-to-peer mentoring and senior management training, executive coaching, group coaching and mentoring.

Dr. Simmy Kataria believes in going to the depth at a molecular level observing the cognitive process and providing insights to maximize the desired outcome. It's not only about goals it's about evoking excellence! It's about optimization!

Dr. Simmy Kataria goes an extra mile to create a realization, the Aha moment, the WOW factor! Dr. Simmy Kataria coaches each step of the way with a clear understanding of best-of-breed scientific techniques and innovative methodologies to create awareness and uncovering blind spots leading to change.


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